Letter of Finnish bloody Red Soldier

A Finnish man, who took part in the struggle for freedom of the Olonets Karelia, showed us a letter which was found in the pocket of a certain killed Finnish Red Guard, where reads the following:

“From Polovina Village
June 11, 1919

Now I will try to write a bit about this wilderness, since I have a time. Here, at the front-line, the food is bad, always hunger, a lot of work. On duty one day, other day is free, butchers* are pressing, climbing directly into mouth. One of our team was killed last night. We also killed a couple of butchers and, in addition, ate butcher’s meat, which was ordinary meat, but don’t need to tell everyone about it. There are such stupid forests here you will not see anything until the butchers are under your nose.

I received your letter and thank you for that letter, if you can send any letter with someone, then send it.

Don’t want to write anymore, because I’m tired.

Goodbye and all the best.


Aamulehti -newspaper n:o 183
August 13, 1919

* a derogatory name for a Finnish White Guard