Death of Lyceum student Yrjö Saarenpuu

The father of the dead appeals to the Chancellor of Justice

As we have already written in our newspaper, Lyceum student Yrjö Saarenpuu was executed by verdict of Captain Hyppölä on the 6th Day of this month in Palalahta, Olonets Karelia. As it now become clear, the young freedom fighter was completely innocent of the crime, for which he was executed by Tavastians.

The father of the dead has taken necessary measures to bring Captain Hyppölä to justice for his actions. He will appeals to the Chancellor of Justice of Finland with a request to immediate investigation of this event.

There are opportunities for success. Ahmavaara interrogated the men from Company of Lieutenant Kallio and the nearby comrades of the victim. All testimonies indicate that the victim in fact was executed innocently. Captain Hyppölä did not allow his comrades transport the body to the homeland.

Liitto -newspaper
July 31, 1919