Elias Simojoki fell

Former Member of Parliament, priest Lauri Elias Simojoki fell in the battle for the fatherland on the 18th of last month at the age of 41. He had been born in Rautio, became a student in 1919, graduated as Master of theology and was ordained a priest in 1923. He served as a priest in several parishes, since 1929 – as second priest in Kiuruvesi Parish. The decedent was one of the founding members of the Academic Karelia Society and a Member of Parliament in 1933-1938.

Elias Simojoki was a fighter, fiery and so brave. He gave everything for the cause which he represented. In the same way he fought hard for the cause of Karelia, both in words and in deeds. After taking part in the Finnish War of Independence in the First Front Squad of Oulu and as Kajaani Guerrilla skier, he took part at 1919 in the battles for the freedom of Olonets Karelia in the regiment under the command of Major von Hertzen, and at 1921 in the battles for the freedom of Karelia in the demolition detail. Numerous are the fiery speeches that Simojoki made for our cause and the works that came out of his pen. Whether all of his methods were right, somebody can disagree. However, of one thing there can be no doubt: Elias Simojoki was a warrior, a fighter not only on the battlefields, but also in peace works, he fought for the causes he thought were right. The latest data show that Elias Simojoki fearlessly and heroically fought with arms in the line of fire not for the beloved fatherland only, but also, as we are sure, remembering the future freedom of the beloved Karelian tribe.

Viena-Aunus -magazine, 1940, no. 1-2