History of Ilmee

1915. Rautjärvi. Ilmee Chapel

First mention of Ilmee – in the form Ilmiie – belongs to the 1546.

During a few hundred years, the territory of Ilmee was anyhow a part of Hiitola parish.

Ilmee Lutheran Church was consecrated in honor of St. Anne – mother of the Virgin Mary – on March 12, 1777. It was built by the owner of the Ilmee manor Johan de Scott.

Since 1897 Ilmee belonged to the Rautjärvi parish.

The monument to the Heroes of the Finnish War of Independence was unveiled near the church in Midsummer week 1921. It was designed by Finnish sculptor and cemetery architect Ilmari Wirkkala.

Manor Approved School was founded in Ilmee manor in 1921 and operated in 1921-1939 and 1942-1944. From February to March 1940 the Danish Red Cross ambulance hospital which used as a field hospital, was housed in its buildings.

In 1940, after the conclusion of the Moscow peace, the part of Ilmee remained on the Soviet side of the border, but in 1941 Finland regained this territory. Finally in 1944 Ilmee moved to the USSR.

During the Soviet period the border guard station was located in the buildings of Manor Approved School.

The monument to the Heroes of the Finnish War of Independence was overthrown. It was reopened on May 29, 1994.

Only the bell tower, which was renovated in 1997, survived of the Ilmee church.