Appeal to the people of Finland

The Repola Committee, to which, by the will of the Repola population, has been transferred through a referendum the full state power with its political and representative credentials inside the territory of Repola and outside it, notifies by this appeal the Finnish people that the Repola population will not voluntarily submit to any agreement between Finland and Russia, which violates the right to self-determination of Repola as well as the Karelian people. Relying on this right of small nations to self-determination, we presume that Finland undoubtedly has the right to refuse to admit Repola to join to state, but on the contrary, it has no right to join Repola to Russia through the treaty, because Repola has announced its detach from Russia in the 1918 as the results of the national referendum.

Repola, October 7, 1920
Repola Committee