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"Remarkable places in Petrozavodsk uezd"

At about 6 miles from the town of Petrozavodsk on the right shore of the strait connecting the Onego lake with the Logmozero lake on the huge wild rock there rises a nice stone church, build by the merchant Kononov in 1781. In the old times on this place stood a mans monastery, This is fixed in the charter, given by the Novgorod Metropolitan Varlaam to the "separate monastery in Soloman superior Kasyan and the community" in 1592. After the dissolving the monastery Solomennoe was transformed to pustyn (hermitage). Possibly due to the lack of means this cloister was later abandoned and the Holy temples became a parish churches. After the liquidation of the hermitage there was left a wooden church, standing nearby the stone one, that was built more than 200 years ago at the times of the Tsar Theodore Ioannovitch. In the sacristy of this church among other things there is a shoulder-straps of the white linen with the shoulders of the Turkish brocade with the brims of the painted linen that was embroider by the princess Sofia Alexeevna and two whickered silk belts. The stone on which the churches are standing is known as "Solomenskaya breccia" and goes as a ridge to the South-east along the shore of the Onego lake. Already in the last century they started a quarry here for the state, but because of its extreme hardness it was found not fit for the lining, but still on the Tivdia marble works they do small things from the pieces of Solomensky rock. The stone itself has a greenish colour with the pattern resembling that of jasper. It is valued very high, standing just after the Shoksha porphyries (similar to which one will hardly find in Europe).

The Logmozero lake, into which the Shuja river flows, is an oblong but rather wide like, several miles in length. On the right shore of the lake there are several small villages known at the common name Zaozerye. The opposite shore is covered with the forests and one can see among them a summer house of the landlord Lachinov. The placement of Solomennoe is very picturesque, especially in summer, when in the strait near the churches the ships are being loaded with plank that are rafted here from the saw-mills around Shuya river.

The placement of Solomennoe close to the town and its picturesque landscapes invites here in summer times many of the town dwellers for a stroll or fishing.

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