His Majesty’s Personal Supreme Edict issued February 1, 1864 about Sestroretsk Armory with nearly located territories separation from Vyborg gubernia and it's junction to Sankt-Petersburg gubernia; about territorial changes between The Russian Empire and The Grand Duchy of Finland and about registration in Sestroretsk of the Russian staff of Russian treasury's Raivola cast-iron factory locating in Kivineb county of Vyborg gubernia

According the report about situation with Sestroretsk armory, under current circumstance and taking into consideration that staff and other inhabitants of the mentioned Armory locating in Kivineb county of Vyborg gubernia are in fact the Russian natives and do not know neither language nor laws of Finland, Sovereign Emperor¹ is pleased to announce: Sestroretsk Armory and nearly located territory of about 12 square miles to be separated from Vyborg gubernia and to be annexed that area to Sankt-Petersburg gubernia. Also the current frontiers between The Russian Empire and The Grand Duchy of Finland has to be changed as following – the frontier has to be from Sestra-river to Gulf of Finland as straight line lengthwise the channel which is connecting that river with the Gulf of Finland.

Also His Emperor Majesty is pleased to announce that to compensate Finland those following territories would be joined to Finland in due time – sea front territories of Arctic Ocean on the west from Jacob-Elf River at Stolboa Gulf (the issue about that river's water withdrawal to Lapp lands is already raised) or after the proper apportionment and estimation the Sankt-Petersburg gubernia's not used lands locating at the frontiers.

Also His Emperor Majesty orders: After the separation Sestroretsk Armory from Finland and transferring it to Russian Government administration the Russian staff of the Raivola cast-iron factory locating in Kivineb County has to be registered in Sestroretsk and those staff is liable to have residence in Raivola according the passports.

Full Collection of Laws of the Russian Empire
Collection 2. Issue XXXIX. Part 1. 1864. Sankt-Petersburg, 1867. P.78-79

¹ Alexander II
Translated by Mikhail Kaplinsky, 2008