The abstract from the book by academician N.Ozeretskovsky
Travelling by Ladoga and Onego lakes
Part VI

…Some 6 miles from the town the Petrozavodsk bay is connected with the strait ("salma" in Karelian) with the Logmozero lake. To the latter there runs the Shuya river, that has connections with Ukshozero and Konchozero lakes.

.  .  .

This strait must be noted especially due to the beautiful stone church on its SouthEast shore. The church was built on the solid rock in 1781 by the local merchant Kononov. Earlier on this place was (now dissolved) Solomensky (or, more correct, Salmensky) monastery. There is still stands a wooden church from this monastery built 299 years ago at the times of the Tsar Theodore Ioannovitch, who conferred on the church with the canvas chasuble with silk embroidered shoulder-straps. That chasuble is still kept there. There is a priest serving at these two churches. I've mentioned already that the church is remarkable by its basement – an elevated solid wild rock. But the rock itself should also be mentioned, as it is a part of a rocky ridge going from the strait to the Onego Lake. At the times of Salminsky monastery they tried to quarry it and make stone blocks for the state needs. One can still see one big square stone with the traces of rather painstaking finish. But the quarry was soon abandoned, as the stone was decided to be not fit due to being remarkably hard and very brittle, and big cobbles usually leap out during cutting around the blocks.