of the special commissar of the Murmansk-Belomorsky krai
to the People's Commissariat of the Military Affairs1

N 2155, Petrozavodsk
August 22, 1918

.  .  .

Along with the English-French threat of war, there is also a real threat to the region of the Medveshja Gora1 from direction of Finland.

So, near Porosozero Lake has concentrated about 500 Finnish White Guards with machine-guns and a small cavalry unit. There is also a Finnish detachment, including 800 people in the Rebolskaja volost, to the west of the Segozero Lake.

There are also from 29 to 32 thousand men with vehicles, hydroplanes, cavalry and guns, near Serdobol (Titka, Korin and Saivon settlements). The Finnish White Guards are carrying on the agitation and distribution of bread and textiles. That, of course, does not remain without the results and some of the peasants are joining the ranks of the White Guards.

I organized serious reconnaissance to be informed in time. Moreover, due to that, I think that both English and Finnish advance will not catch us unawares.

.  .  .

The special commissar

The Central State Archives of the Soviet Army, fund 1, list 1, file 474, pp. 37-38. (original)

  1. Medvezhegorsk
  2. Nazarenus Sergey Petrovich (1883-1938)