Orders of the KASSR

Order of Lenin Order of October Revolution Order of Friendship between Peoples
31.12.1965 05.06.1970 29.12.1972

For achievements in construction of communism and for friendship between peoples of USSR Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was awarded an Order of Lenin (in 1965), an Order of October Revolution (in 1970) and an Order of Friendship between Peoples (in 1972).

Below are given some words form the letter to Central Committee of Communist Party of Soviet Union, Presidium of Supreme Soviet of USSR and Council of Ministers of USSR, approved on a grand meeting of representatives' the working of Karelia in the 21th of May, 1966 in Petrozavods:

"Rewarding our Republic with an Order of Lenin is obtained the recognition of its achievements in development of national economy. Here is an award to all people who works on workshops and on pieces of woodlands, on collective fields and farms, builds new houses and integrated activities, operates hydroelectric power stations' turbines as well motor vessels' steering wheels, educates a new generation in school classrooms and university lecture-halls. Here is an award to all who spared neither themselves nor their lives to establish Soviet Power on Karelian land and asserted freedom and independence for us in the battles of Great Patriotic War at the price of own blood. Here is an award to all working masses in Karelia endowing to construction of communism. With Order of Lenin on a banner, with Lenin name in our hearts we're working more selflessly for welfare of our native land. With all Soviet people we're pressing for new achievements in struggle for communism triumph. Hurrah for our great Socialistic Motherland! Hurrah for heroic Soviet people! Hurrah for native Communist Party and its Lenin Central Committee!"

See: January 26, 1974. Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR Ignaty Novikov presents the Order of Friendship between Peoples to Karelian ASSR