Telegram to the Olonets provincial Soviet
and to railway organizations

March 29, 1918

From the arrived Karelian delegates and from the written sources, received information that detachments of Finnish White Guards passed through the Voknavolok volost, stopped in Uhtua, awaiting reinforcements, agitating to join Finland. Karelians reject. They don't touch the inhabitants yet and don’t take foods. According to last reports, the party of White Guards increasing up to 1000 people. They going to Kem – Sorokka with the intention of moving to Kandalaksha. Inhabitants – the Karelians – are not armed. The Kem Soviet can't defend itself on its own. Take actions to become prepared. Keep troops ready for our request for help. Make a connection with the Finnish White Guards, with their headquarters, inform us. Give the weapons to Karelians down the Railroad under the control of the volost Soviets. More information will be later.

Chairman of Kem Uyezd Soviet