I, Anna, Antti’s daughter, Honkanen, born at June 4, 1908 in Vanha Alakylä Village, Valkeasaari Parish, escaped to Finland on April 11, 1931 for the reason that I couldn’t complete assigned to me norm of lumbering, I voluntarily testify the following:

About 2 years ago from Vanha Alakylä Village, Valkeasaari Parish, farmer Juho Pöllä, about 30 years old, was banished to Novgorod because he was wealthy, self-sufficient farmer – "kulak". His property was robbed for Soviet needs. Pöllä’s wife – Helena – was also ordered to leave where he wants to go.

From the Uusi Alakylä Village were banished to Murmansk Coast for the mining works Antti Honkanen with his family, contained 5 people, and Mikko Pellinen with his family, contained 5 people, include women and children. After Easter were banished from the Uusi Alakylä Village farmer Sakari Honkanen with his family and from Akkasi Village farmers Tuomas Akkanen and Erkki Akkanen with their families. Don’t yet know where the last mentioned were banished. Some families were also banished from Kaljala Village, but I don’t know their names. There was no other reasons for banish except that all these families were considered "kulaks". The deportees were allowed take some clothing and food – all other property should to be left and later it distributed to ”kolkhoz”. ”Kolkhozes” were established in Uusi and Vanha Alakylä Villages and the locals were forced to join them at risk of banish and imprisonment. To forced lumbering must now go both men and women who are over 18 years old. Those who are unable to perform lumbering norms assigned to them will be fined. Foods are provided so few that they don’t perform in any way.

Terijoki, April 22, 1931

Anna Honkanen
Ingermanland refugee

Ingrian Finn, farmer’s daughter Anna Honkanen's own handwritten signature

Certified correct:
Terijoki district Lensmann's Office, April 22, 1931
Harry Blohm

Witness present:

Free of charge and stamped