Order to Commander of 52th army

October 29th, 1941

The units and rears are still not cleared from the Germans, Estonians, Letts, Finns, Lithuanians as well as from questionable individuals. In 327th construction battalion 67 were Estonians. In the Verebye commandant's German Frantz Pracht sheltered without any documents with himself. Lett Jan Solberg works in the bakery of Verebye. With my order all these people were removed from the Army.

Such a situation is completely intolerable and shows the political blindness of commanders and commissars. The improvement of the units without removal of these persons can not be possible.


1. In two-day period withdraw from all units and departments of the army all Germans, Estonians, Letts, Finns, Lithuanians without exceptions and all other military personnel raising doubts, including those who accidentally joined the units.

2. Execute the cleaning of units under the command of commissars and political agencies with compulsory participation of the Special Departments. The lists to be withdrawn are asserted by the commander and the commissar of the unit.

3. The chief of army political Sokolov and the head of Special Department Petrov from November 1st should initiate the check of the present directive's execution in all units and departments of the army.

Deputy of People's Commissar of Defence of the USSR
Army commissar of the 1st rank

The Central Archive of the Russian Ministry of Defence. F. 32. L. 11309. S. 21. J. 347. Copy.
Translated by Ilya Kuznetsov, 2013