At the common grave

On July 12, 1922, in Petrozavodsk, in connection with the Labor Day, was unveiled a monument on the common grave of the Red warriors who fell on the fronts of Karelia.

The unveiling of monument, erected in memory of the revolutionary warriors is not just a tribute to the memory of those who lying under this mound, on which a memorial stone is erected. The working people commemorate all those thousands of fallen who shed their blood for the freedom of Red Karelia; commemorate all those hundreds of thousands who fallen defending the vast Working Russia; commemorate all those millions of revolutionaries who over time and in all countries have shed their blood for the international liberation of the destitute and oppressed!

Bloody is the poverty’s way to victory! Thousands have fallen for the freedom of Soviet Karelia, and hundreds of them were Finns. They sleep in the endless swamps, marshes and gloomy thickets of Karelia. We don't know the names of all of them, but their work produced results. By the cost of the fallen victims, the liberated Working Karelia is being built, intensify and strengthen.

Every village on the roads from butcher’s Finland to Petrozavodsk tells about the bloody battles of 1918-1919. The names: Vidlitsa, Suna, Olonets, Sjamozero, Niiniselga, Kindasovo, Pryazha, Polovina, Sulazhgora and many others are reminiscent of the fierce battles against the bloody beasts, who attacked from Finland.

The battles of 1919 in Segezha, on the Onda River, in the 16, 15, 14, 12, 10 and 8 stopping points, on the lines of Maselgskaya, Medvezhya Gora, Kyappeselga, Lizhma, Kivach, Pudozh, Povenets and on the Shunga Peninsula – were just some of the places, where took place the fierce battles against the butcher’s International: British, Serbs, Americans, French, Canadians, Italians, Karelians, Finns and Russians.

The battles of 1920-1921 against the Finnish butchers in the White Sea Karelia, and in the current 1922 – bloody battles against the white bandits who attacked from Finland.

Russian and Finnish revolutionary warriors have fought side by side against a common enemy: against the numerous forces of international imperialism. Their blood, which has flowed to the ground, has mixed – and this blood brotherhood unites…

Glory to the fallen! To those who have given their dearest, their lives, for the liberation of the proletariat! May their work inspire us to continue the struggle, to the battles that are yet to come, and bring us to a victorious result – to the global eradication of capitalism – to the creation of a world socialist power!

Petrozavodsk, July 12, 1922
Toivo Antikainen