Decree of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee on the amnesty for Karelian refugees

For a long time, the international bourgeoisie tried to enslave the working masses of the RSFSR, but each time got an an unshakable repulse. Having lost faith in the possibility of overthrowing by this way the power of the workers and peasants, it began to make attempts to split the friendly family of working people and to carry along its irresponsible part.

As one of the victims of such an attempt by the international bourgeoisie was the population of the Karelian Labor Commune, part of which was taken by deceit and violence to Finland during the invasion of White Guard gangs to Karelia.

Already more than a year, Karelian refugees, having left abandoned to the mercy of fate homes, understand all hopelessness of situation, but have not the opportunity to return to homeland to make amends and take part in the reconstruction of Karelia, ruined by bandits.

The Workers' and Peasants' Government of the RSFSR and the Executive Committee of the Karelian Labor Commune cannot ignore the distress of the Karelian refugees who were cruelly deceived by the international bourgeoisie and its mercenaries – the White Guard gangs, invaded to Karelia – and can not longer remain indifferent to the irrestrainable desire of the refugees for returning to Russia and expiate their crimes.

Therefore, in connection with the May 1st holiday, established in memory of the unity of all working people, the All-Russian Central Executive Committee decides:

1. To grant amnesty to all persons who fled in connection to the Karelian adventure of 1921-1922 to the territory of Finland, with the exception of leaders and those who, being outside the Karelian Labor Commune, continued their actively hostile activities against the RSFSR.

2. For those who want to use this amnesty set the application deadline for January 1, 1924.

3. Evacuate to Russia the amnestied persons, indicated in paragraph 1, together with their families and property in accordance with the usual procedure for other amnestied ones and in accordance with a special instruction issued by the People's Commissariat for Foreign Affairs in agreement with the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs.

4. Entrust the implementation of this amnesty to the People's Commissariat of Foreign Affairs in agreement with the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs and the People's Commissariat of Justice.

Chairman of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee

Secretary of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee

Moscow, Kremlin
April 30, 1923