Order of the Commander of the Karelian-Murmansk Region

December 20, 1921
12 am
Field Headquarters

With effect from receipt of this, I order you upon arrival to Maselgskaya Railway Station to carry out an assault on Reboly Village. Combat assignment: disperse all detachments of White bandits, encountered along the way; detain for questioning one of detachments and, if you will get information about existing of any White authorities, eliminate it. If the Reboly campaign will have success, you should, not staying there, make the same campaign against Kimasozero Village and continue from it to the area between Tiksha and Anttila Villages to join the 88th Regiment.

In the case that the Reboly campaign for some reason fails, you should, regardless of this, moving to Kimasozero Village bypassing Reboly Village. From there, move through Tiksha Village to Rugozero Village to join the 88th Regiment. The headquarters in the first case will locate in Honkaniemi Village; after moving of ski detachment from Reboly Village to Kimasozero Village the headquarters moves to Rugozero Village. Keep the communication with me by airmail from Honkaniemi Village via Padany Village.

There is no exact information about the enemy forces in Reboly and Kimasozero Villages. Small stocks and warehouses must be destroyed. Large warehouses, that the enemy does not have time to evacuate, should not be destroyed. You should daily report of the progress in every possible way. In your reports you should indicate the state of the detachment, military operations, the movement of the enemy and the impression that the campaign makes.

Commander of the forces in the Karelian-Murmansk Region