To our enemies

You are fighting against us. You are a small amount of bandits in the war against the Soviet Russia. Obviously, you want to win it, to overthrow of Soviet authority.

“To bark at Elephant this Pug must be a real strong mug!”

Really, who did not bark at Soviet Russia during last four years, who did not think about overthrow of Soviet authority. Among these Pugs Finland was not in the last place. And now it, by your mercenary hands, continues this useless struggle.

Of course, useless. And we strongly advise you to think about whose interests you are fighting, you are grist for whose mill.

Let's speak plainly. We – workers and peasants – always calling a spade a spade.

Yes, you are doing much harm to us. You deal the strongest assault blow to our economy. You are disrupting the peaceful works in Karelia, where we have a lot of logging places. After all, woods is most important in our export abroad.

Yes, we bearing large costs.

Our Red Army soldiers endure inhuman suffering, endure unprecedented burdens and hardships.

This is all true.

But we all, kind of, know whose money you are using. Finland is your owner. This fight is going by its evil will. If it stops helping you, you will not exist for one day longer.

Finland providing to you this help in violation of the peace treaty.

Therefore, our government has already demanded that the white Finnish government recognize the obligation to pay back all the costs and losses which was caused by your predatory raid to Karelia.

We know very well that our diplomatic offensive against the Finnish government will be success. The victories and power of the Red Army are the best proof of this.

Finnish government, forced to yield to our demands, the will have to leave you without supplies. And you know better what a blow will be for you this refusal.

But the blow await you from the other side.

We know that you are mercenary executioners, butchers, Judas. You have blood of the Finnish proletarians on your hands. This is not for the first time for you to do the Cain’s job. Murder and butchery is your profession. You are masters hangmen.

We know that among you there are deceived people who do not understand that they doing Judas’s job, that they are ordinary murderers.

But among you there are a lot of our deadly and malicious enemies.

We do not have a common language with such people now. Those who are born only to fress, whore and parasitize, they can't understand those lofty goals for which we are fighting against you.

But we know that your animal instinct tells you to be prudent. And we want to strongly advise you to follow your sense of prudence.

What do you want?

At least for one day to prolong your parasitism, lechery and gluttony.

How you can to do it?

We must stop fight against us. Yes it is.

What can fighting give you?

An inglorious end only, defeat!

You are defeated in Porosozero. You are defeated in Reboly. For hundreds of versts in areas, the most important for you, you were driven back to the border and to the north.

Your game is over. Your bet is lost. Your death is inevitable. An inglorious defeat approaching you with the relentlessness of fate.

Your final defeat is a matter of the coming weeks. It's a matter of time, distance, not power.

The Red Army handed you a death sentence a long time ago. And carries this sentence out with the unusual heroism; you know what miracles it does when drives you by tens versts every day.

Death await you not from the side of the Red Army only. Not Finland only will leave you without supplies. The death of your white cause is carried out also worldwide.

The big owners of the capitalist world are betraying you, sending you to defeat by the Red Army.

Britain, America, Italy recognize us. Comrade Lenin has already been invited to Italy conference together with the ministers of several tens Europe and America countries.

What does this invitation mean?

The crush of your white cause and the triumph of our victory.

In crying need, under the pressure of the greatest necessity, Britain, Italy, Germany and others decide to live peacefully with us, they are defeated.

We will win.

But if needs must, their making peace with us; let’s think, do you have a same need.

Yes, it is.

Look: The Red Avenger stands behind you. The angry specter of a workers' revolution is rising in Finland again.

Danger is approaching you from the side of your workers. And the more you fight against us, the higher wave of the impending revolution will rise, the sooner it will bury you under it.

That is a reason for you to stop fighting against us. Your cause is hopeless. You are washed-up people. The closer your end, the longer you will continue your struggle.

We are magnanimous. We guarantee the complete safety to all for surrendering for us.

So let’s finish it soon. All resistance is vain!

Put off the fighting! End the war!

Political Department of the Karelian region