Finnish propaganda leaflet

Finnish propaganda leaflet


Bolshevik power collapses. European powers are at war against Stalin and Molotov. Germans and Finns surround Leningrad. The Soviet government fled from Moscow to the Urals.

They are lying to you that Finns and Germans come to kill you and take away your property. Don't believe those lies. Don't follow the oppressor's orders to destroy your houses and your belongings. Don't go away with them, because in this case you will get the hardships of war, hunger and poverty. Escape to the forest, hide your belongings, take your cattle with you. When our troops come, up you will be safe and free.

Finns arrive as friends and relatives of the Karelians. They bring you freedom. Better times are coming for you. Will no more forced labor, will no collective farms, will no oppressors' arbitrary. Finns bring you bread, freedom of religion and better conditions of life.

Don’t be afraid because the hour of freedom of Karelia has come.