Badge of the 4th Detached Battalion

Early 2010's. Memorial to Vehniäinen long-range reconnaissance patrol. © Mikko Europaeus

Back at the end of the 19th century Ilmari Calamnius (in future – famous Finnish writer Ilmari Kianto) discovered on the door of an old barn the ancient symbol of Tursaansydän (Heart of Tursas) and began to use it as his personal sign of happiness.

Paul Marttina, Commander of the long-range reconnaissance patrol of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief's Headquarters, who had known Kianto from the time of the Kinship Wars asked permission to use this sign. A heraldic rose has been added over the symbol.

On July 1, 1943, the 4th Detached Battalion was established, which brought together the former long-range reconnaissance patrols: as the 1st company – Vehniäinen patrol, as the 2nd company – Kuismanen patrol, as the 3rd company – Marttina patrol and as the 4th company – Paatsalo patrol. The badge of the Marttina long-range reconnaissance patrol became the common symbol of the entire reconnaissance battalion.

The badge appears on the monuments to the 4th Detached Battalion, for example, on memorial to the 4th Detached Battalion and on memorial to Vehniäinen long-range reconnaissance patrol.