Order No 141 of the Revolutionary Military Counsel of the Republic to the Red Army and Red Navy in connection with the expelling of the White-Finnish occupants from the territory of Soviet Karelia

February 11th, 1922

The Soviet Karelia is feed by the Red Army from the white gangs which were organised by the Finnish officers on the money of Finnish and other foreign bourgeoisie. In the hardest environment of the North, in the cold desolate voids, quite often waist-deep in the snow with the non-freezing water underneath, the soldiers of the Revolution once again fulfilled their task.

The crimes of the ruling classes of Finland and their patrons brought the working masses of Russia new destitution and sacrifices but added to the history of the Red Army new pages of feats an heroism.

The Red Army and The Red Navy are proud with their Karelian detachment and proclaim it the fraternal enthusiastic "Thanks!"

The Revolutionary Military Counsel of the Republic will take all the measures to mark and award the exploits of the most prominent heroes and to fix an the annals of the Red Army all the history of this harsh campaign.

By the price of blood the North-West border of the Soviet federation is restored again. The Red Army and The Red Navy are firmly expecting that the workers and peasants government will ensure our border with Finland from new predatory and traitorous assaults.

Long lives the Soviet Karelia! Glory to the Red soldiers!