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East Karelian Uprising

January 1922. Karelian ja Finnish Forest Guerrillas. © F.Räikkönen

Report on the subversive act on the Onda River
Burning of the bridge over the Onda river
Appeal of the Executive Committee of the Karelian Labor Commune to the proletariat of Finland and Scandinavia
Mandatory decree
Order of the Commander of the Forces and the Karelian-Murmansk Committee
Order of the Karelian-Murmansk Committee
Porosozero was left
Order of the Commander of the Karelian-Murmansk Region
To our enemies
Post stamps of Karelia
Brutality of the Bolshevik forces
Order in connection with the expelling of the White-Finns
Murser of Minister of the Interior Ritavuori
To the earnest soldier of Karelian front
Karelian Commemorative Medal
Kinship Wars Commemorative Cross
Badges of the Finnish Union of the Kinship Warriors
Protocol attached to the Convention regarding peace at the frontier
Decree on the amnesty for Karelian refugees
Decree on the amnesty
Nivala. Monument to the Finnish War of Independence
Karijoki. Monument to the Finnish War of Independence
Monument to the warrior-liberators and the refugees from the White Sea Karelia

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