Lutheran church in Kondopoga

November 2004. Lutheran church in Kondopoga

Kondopoga parish of Estonia Evangelistic-lutheran Church was officially registered in 1990. Finnish pastor Oiva Hujanen was the first rector of the parish. After USSR dissolution, in 1992, the parish entered into new-founded Ingria Evangelistic-lutheran Church.

During its first years the parish had no fixed place for services perfoming. Only in 1993 a facility of former shop, located on Gorky street, was rented. As amount of parishioners increased, an issue about lutheran church building in Kondopoga was rised. In 1997 buildind committee was organized in Joensuu (Finland) and funds raising for the church creation started.

The project developed by finnish architect Sakari Kokkonen was approved in 2000. In the same year the parish managed to receive a land plot on the crossing of Komsomolskaya and Zavodskaya streets (near the railway station) from local officials.

Building works on the future church place began in October, 2002. The core stone blessing ceremony was held May 17, 2003.

The bell was installed September 15, 2003, and the biggest Karelian lutheran church was blessed by Ingria Evangelistic-lutheran Church bishop Aarre Kuukauppi and Kuopio (Finland) diocese bishop Matti Sihvonen at November 21, 2004.

Total amount of freewill offerings for the church building during five years reached almost 600 thousand euros.

Translated by Paulina