Alarming information from Olonets

Sortavala, June 27. Last night during the Bolshevik’s bombardment of Vidlitsa, the Jäger Captain Toivo Kuisma was wounded by artillery shelling. Tonight Captain Kuisma was brought here from Vidlitsa, but as soon as he arrived on the local hospital, he died.

Due to the events that took place in Vidlitsa, auxiliary troops have been sent there from Salmi today.

General Staff, June 28. The battle against the landing enemy forces in Vidlitsa is not yet over. The southern group of the Olonets Volunteer Army withdraws from the Tuloksa River to new positions in the northward of Vidlitsa.

14 enemy ships, including cruisers, took part in the conquest of Vidlitsa. Vidlitsa coastal batteries sank one ship by their artillery fire. One ship retreated to the sinking state. After an hour-long battle, enemy by fire forced the shore batteries to silence and occupied by landing troops the burning village and all its warehouses.

Sortavala, June 28. According to information received today, the enemy still holds Vidlitsa. The white forces there and Major von Hertzen's staff withdrawn somewhat closer to the Finnish border. The main white forces located around Ilyinsky and Tuloksa have retreated to the north due to the loss of Vidlitsa. The knowledge that they are under siege is false. The front is now in order everywhere and the units are ready to attack the enemy. New auxiliary troops and artillery sending from Salmi every day.

Länsi-Savo -newspaper no. 70
Monday, June 30, 1919