Order of the Commander-in-Chief N 19

Commander-in-Chief headquarters
October 1, 1941

The Karelian Army¹ has added today the biggest success to its glorious victories – the capture of Petrozavodsk. After extensive and successful military operations there was achieved the result, having the decisive character. This is a big step in securing a permanent peace and a safe future for our nation.

By the capture of the capital of the Eastern Karelia, the Karelians army, known by its splendid victories, has crowned its victorious path by this achievement, the significance of which has a standing place in the history of our nation. I thank the Army Commander for the skillful and successful leadership of the military operations and also the commanders of the corps and divisions and their heroic troops – officers, non-commissioned officers and men – for their initiative, fortitude and umcomparable bravery that they had shown during the three months of continuous heavy fighting.

¹ a subdivision of the Finnish Army that was responsible for operations in Eastern Karelia