In a New Soviet Town

Pitkäranta, March 30th (from our special correspondent). The text of report on Soviet foreign policy by comrade V.M.Molotov to the 6th session of the Supreme Soviet have been broadcasted on radio. Townsmen of a new Soviet town Pitkäranta, soldiers, commanders and political commissars of the military unit commanded by comrade Zaporozhets listened to it yesterday and today. Soldiers, commanders and political commissars state as one that they are encouraged to grasp new victories for the glory of the great socialist Motherland by contained in the report of comrade Molotov the high estimation of Red Army's combat operations against Finnish White Guards. Military unit personnel promises the Communist Party, the government and father Stalin to strengthen defense of the North-West borders of the Soviet Union.

Today and in all recent days creative work is in full swing in Pitkäranta. Dirt and litter are being cleaned away from workshops of sulfate cellulose plant and streets of the town. Engineers and technicians under the leadership of the member of the Supreme Soviet of Karelian ASSR. comrade Kondratyev are testing plant equipment.

*  *  *

Cars and trucks are buzzing along the streets of Pitkäranta. Roaring of a tractor, joyful sound of a garmon and a cheerful song are in the air. House number plaques have been installed. Temporary Town administration got down to work.

"Red Karelia" newspaper, 1940.

Translated by Mikhail, 2010