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Russian Karelia

Republic of Karelia

Coats of arms of Karelia
The Flags of Karelia
Map of Arkhangelsk eparchy
Atlas of the Arkhangelsk eparchy
1889. Steamboat route map from St.Petersburg to Petrozavodsk
1915. Olonets Railway
1918. Ethnographic map of Europe
1918. Russian Railways
1919. Telegram to General Mannerheim
1920. Soviet European Russia within the borders of self-determined peoples

Karelian Working Commune
On the constitution of The Karelian Working Commune
Comrades peasants and workers of Karelia
To the Working People of Karelia
Telegram to to com. Lenin, Kalinin, Trotsky and Zinoviev
To the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Finland
On the formation of The Karelian Working Commune
Appeal of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee to the Karelian people
1920. Schematic administrative map of the RSFSR
Soviet Posters
Decree on the abolition of the Olonets Gubernia
1922. The map of the Karelian Working Commune
On the join to the Kemsky uezd of the Karelian Labor Commune the some volosts of the Onega uezd of the Arkhangelsk Gubernia

Autonomous Karelian SSR
About the Autonomous Karelian Socialistic Soviet Republic
On the amnesty for convicted participants of Karelian adventure
Mikhail Kalinin in Petrozavodsk
1924. Map of Murmansk Railway
1925. Map of Karelian-Murmansk Region
1927. Map of Olonets Karelia, White Sea Karelia and Murman
1928. Atlas of the USSR
1930. Ethnographic map of the USSR
1930. Small geographical atlas
1930. The map of the KASSR
1933. White Sea–Baltic waterway from the Baltic Sea to the White Sea
1935. The map of the KASSR
1939. The map of the KASSR
1940. The map of exchanging of territories

Karelian-Finnish Soviet Socialist Republic

Karelian ASSR
On the reorganization of the KFSSR into the KASSR and joining in the KASSR with the RSFSR
1956. The map of USSR
On the abolition of the compulsory study of the Finnish language
1962. Atlas of railway maps of USSR
1967. Maps of railway routes
1969. The map of the KASSR
1976. Atlas of railway maps of USSR
1979. KASSR on the map of USSR
KASSR on the map of USSR
1982. Atlas of railways of USSR
Orders of the KASSR
Red Banner of Labour Order
Nikita Khrushchev in the Petrozavodsk
Monument to Kuusinen in Petrozavodsk
Urho Kaleva Kekkonen in Petrozavodsk
Reference to the administrative-territorial division of Karelia

Republic of Karelia
On amendments and additions to The Constitution of the KASSR
The Anthem of the Republic of Karelia
Executive Order of the President of the Russian Federation

Petrozavodsk. Common Grave of Communists
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