of the Olonets Temporary Government
to the inhabitants of Olonets State

The inhabitants of the controlled part of the Olonets State are hereby informed that now has been formed Olonets Temporary Government, temporary contains: from the Olonets City – Georgy Kuttujeff, from the Rypushkalitsy volost – Petr Pernanin, from the Vidlitsa volost – Ivan Akimoff, from the Tulomozero volost – Nikolai Filipoff and from the Syamozero volost – Petr Molosovkin. The future enlargement of the Temporary Government to nine members will depend on the progress of the military operations.

Together with the formed by this way the Olonets Temporary Government proceed the Temporary Organizational Council, composed of representatives of Finland, which is friendly to us: Chairman – Master P.Supinen, members – Mayor P.Pajula, merchant I.Julin, estate manager F.K.Röppänen, Colonel A.Renvald, businessman J.A.Seise, Municipal Councilor N.Eskola and Master J.Kujola. The Olonets Temporary Government is committed to the liberation of the Olonets State from the disgusting bolshevism.

Following the liberation of the Olonets State from bolshevism, the Olonets Temporary Government will transfer its mandate to the new Olonets Government, which will be elected by universal popular vote and, in turn, will act leading the Karelian people to a free and happy life.

Members of Temporary Government and Temporary Organizational Council

Pogrankondushi Village, May 28, 1919

Secretary: A.Popoff