Appeal to the Government of Finland

After the Bolsheviks had taken power in Russia, we, the Olonets Karelians, were in a enormously difficult position. The infinite arbitrariness of the Bolsheviks, ruling in Olonets Karelia, brought this people to extreme misery. Continuous arbitrary taxes and robberies led the middle peasants to economic collapse, abolished trade and industry, and put the whole of Olonets Karelia on the brink of starvation. Attempts to get rid of the Bolsheviks in 1918 ended up killing innocent citizens. But these slaughterings could not suppress the Karelians' legitimate rejection of the Bolsheviks, and today the Olonets people have once risen against their oppressors again. Our generous Finnish tribesmen have extended to us brotherly helping hand, but it is impossible for us alone, for suffering and exhausted Karelians, to bring the battle to an end. The Olonets Temporary Government, formed at this difficult moment, is therefore appealing to the friendly people of Finland, through its elected government, to extend a helping hand to their brothers, who are dying from Bolshevism. Help us get rid of the unbearable yoke of Bolshevism and send us urgent military and food aid.

Vidlitsa Village, May 15. 1919

By the Olonets Temporary Government:
Ivan Akimoff
Georgi Kuttujeff
Petr Pernanin

Secretary: A.Popoff