of the Olonets Temporary Government
to the our Finnish brethren

Everyone is well aware of the Bolshevik power under whose oppression the people of Olonets lived. The people were only awakened by the hope that the moment of liberation was near and they eagerly awaited the arrival of help. Self-liberation was an impossible task for the people of Olonets, since there were no weapons or provisions, and the Bolshevik’s system of political investigation was developed to the maximum. The population of Olonets and, especially, of the areas in north of it and the areas along the Murmansk Railway, were awaiting for their liberation by British troops, particularly after British occupation of the Murmansk Coast. The nervousness caused by the same reasons was prominent in the local Bolshevik’s press, which fact gave additional support to hopes for a true liberation of Olonets as a result of the of the British actions. At that time, the appearance of the Finnish brethren as the liberators of the land of Olonets from the Bolshevik’s yoke was welcomed in Olonets with the greatest joy, and now a significant number of own Olonets volunteers are fighting together with them for the liberation of Olonets.

For the final organization of the local self-defense forces, for providing the local population with food and other essential needs and for implementation of the necessary administrative functions was formed the Olonets Temporary Directory, which based on the undivided support of the population of the liberated areas of Olonets. On June 5, 1919, the Assembly of the white communes of Olonets unanimously adopted a statement of confidence to the Olonets Temporary Government.

The Olonets Temporary Government, thereby expressing the will of the Olonets people, have the battle against Bolshevism as the immediate goal and wants to be a ring in the iron chain that twist around the power of Petrograd and Moscow robbers. Some of the members of the Olonets Temporary Government, together with representatives of the established by our Finnish friends Temporary Organizational Council, arrived on Helsinki to thank the Finnish people and government on behalf of the Olonets people for allowing the grain exports and for sending of volunteers to Olonets. Olonets representatives appealing to the government of Finland, the closest brethren nation, for help in order to complete the ongoing struggle against Bolshevism. The Olonets Temporary Government shall, upon request of the duly presented people’s will, surrender its power to the new people's representative.

Helsinki, June 14, 1919

chairman of the Olonets Temporary Government

P.Pärnänen (Pernanin)
member of the Olonets Temporary Government

secretary of the Olonets Temporary Government