of the Olonets Temporary Government
and Temporary Organizational Council

In view of the current state of war in Olonets and fearing that the inhabitants, in their plight and without knowing the true value of the money, may sell or rent their forests and real estate for a song, the Olonets Temporary Government and Temporary Organizational Council, considering their duty to prevent the falling of valuable property of the Olonets people into the hands of speculators, they decided to approve the application of the following provisions:

1. From the current time and until further notice in Olonets is prohibited all trading of farmland, as well as timberland and rapids.

2. Is also prohibited concluding of any lease agreements for the aforementioned property, as well as preliminary agreement for the sale or lease of such property.

3. Any transactions or preliminary agreements that has been made in violation of these provisions shall be declared as null and void and have not legal force, including those that were verbally agreed upon earlier than the mentioned date.

Pogrankondushi Village, May 30, 1919

By the Olonets Temporary Government:

By Olonets Temporary Organizational Council:
Paavo Pajula