Red atrocities in the Olonets Karelia

On June 13, in the pocket of a Finnish blood Red who fallen during the conquest of Polovina Village in Olonets Karelia, was found a letter which was enclosed in an unaddressed envelope and written in Polovina Village. This letter, the original of which has been sent to our editorial office, will take its place here as evidence of the indescribable savagery that has prevails among our blood Reds, thrown out abroad:

“Now I will try to write a bit about this wilderness, since I have a time. Here, at the front-line, the food is bad, always hunger, a lot of work. On duty one day, other day is free, butchers* are pressing, climbing directly into mouth. One of our team was killed last night. We also killed a couple of butchers and, in addition, ate butcher’s meat, which was ordinary meat, but don’t need to tell everyone about it. There are such stupid forests here you will not see anything until the butchers are under your nose.

I received your letter and thank you for that letter, if you can send any letter with someone, then send it.

Don’t want to write anymore, because I’m tired.

Goodbye now and all the best.


At the moment of receipt of this letter, the following has also been known:

Near the Polovina Village was found terribly mutilated body of Pyotr Davydov, volunteer from Syamozero. His legs were skinned, the genitals crushed and the flesh cut from the thighs and calves to the bone. On his chest there is a puncture wound and on the abdomen a cut was made, probably by a knife, there the intestines were visible. Both legs are also broken at the knees. Because the deep wounds left by the teeth were visible on the lips, it is likely that this describes the pain suffered by the tortured. The body has been seen, among others, by two Danish journalists**.

A Finnish blood Red, who was captured, has admitted: his comrades boasted they had shot a volunteer and cooked his meat. Likewise, the villagers have confirmed that such cannibalism has taken place. The day of the event was probably June 9 or June 10.

Suunta, political weekly No. 8
July 5, 1919

* A derogatory name for a Finnish White Guard<
** Correspondent of Politiken -newspaper Andreas Winding and commander of machine-gun company Eino Tuompo, who also had a camera