To the Government of Finland

After suffering for a long time from the destruction and terror of the Bolsheviks, which have raged on the lands and are partially still raging, supported by the fugitive Finnish Reds who have found their shelters, part of the lands of Olonets Karelia has recently been freed from this destructive and oppressive robbery. The Finnish white volunteers have heard the earnest wishes of our hearts and have come to help us in our trouble. With their help, most of the south territories of Olonets Karelia and an even wider part of central territories of Olonets Karelia has been cleansed of robbers and murderers, enemies of property and life, despicers of churches, and converters of entire human order into a caricature of this order. Having come to you as representatives of our regions and authorized delegates of the liberated volosts of the central part of Olonets Karelia, we can assure you that life in our areas has already changed completely in these short times since liberation. The safety of life and property is back, the chaos is over as long as our helpers have moved forward. The mood of the people has risen, the hope of life has begun to recover and hearts have been filled with joy and gratitude, gratitude to the Lord, the giver of all blessings, gratitude to our dear helpers, the sons of brotherly Finnish people and to entire Finnish people. We, the representatives of the volosts of the central part of Olonets Karelia – Syamozerskaya, Munozerskaya, Vedlozerskaya and Svyatozerskaya, would like to express you same gratitude from the depths of our hearts.

However, the new situation still gives cause for concern. The situation is still not stable, the arrangement of new life is still in its infancy, we have so long been devoid of even the elementary living conditions; our areas are now free, but due to the intransigence, heartlessness and multitude of our enemies, our areas in current situation are still subject to surprises, to the enemy’s attempts to get back to destroy our country. Moreover, it is our perception and our earnest wish, and the earnest wish of the whole of Olonets Karelia, that not only already liberated areas, but all Olonets Karelia should be cleansed of the Bolshevik and Red forces, which were destroy it.

Therefore, we, authorized by our volosts and our popular assemblies, in accordance with the issued orders and the wishes of the entire Olonets Karelia, first of all respectfully ask the brotherly Finnish people:

1) so that, in order to protection already liberated areas, new reinforcements be sent to help us, in an amount sufficient to prevent the surrender of these areas.

That the liberation work that has begun would not to stop halfway, and that not only our wishes, but also the wishes of entire Olonets Karelia would be fulfilled, we also ask:

2) so that the Government of Finland sent reinforcements to help in the struggle for freedom in an amount that the entire Olonets Karelia would be cleansed of the Bolsheviks and the Reds and would be to the same situation as the already liberated areas.

But because the opinion of which, who authorized us and the whole people of Olonets Karelia, partially reflected in the attached protocols, is such that the real security of Olonets Karelia and full conditions for social, national and cultural life there can only be achieved if the areas of Olonets Karelia, as far as its were liberated, will be joined to Finland, we bring to your attention this aspiration, based on the above protocols and, in accordance with it, we ask:

3) so that the Government of Finland take steps to join the areas of Olonets Karelia, in so far as its are liberated, to Finland and, accordingly, to send official Finnish forces to protect the borders of the liberated areas against the enemy as the borders of Finland itself. In connection with this accession to Finland, after the final joining of the entire territory is discussed, we propose to create a special Finnish-Olonets advisory commission to discuss the grounds for this accession.

Based on the current situation and the need to implement measures aimed primarily at revitalizing the economic life of Olonets Karelia, we also ask:

4) so that, above all, the necessary amount of both food and sowing grain be set aside for the liberated areas of Olonets Karelia.

5) so that, because our currency, the ruble, has almost no value at present, a certain permanent exchange rate would be set for it, or if it could not be done, the liberated volosts of Olonets Karelia, as a pledge of its municipal property, would be granted some larger loan in Finnish currency, which now, based on current assessment of the needs of the liberated areas, we would offer in the amount of 15 million marks.

6) so that the border between Finland and the liberated volosts of Olonets Karelia would soon be abolished and the aforementioned countries would be allowed to freely import all types of goods just like the rest of Finland.

7) so that the Finnish postal network would also be extended to the cleared areas of Olonets Karelia as soon as possible.

8) so that the urgent construction of highways began in the directions Vidlitsa – Vedlozero – Pryazha, Veshkelitsa – Ignoila, Veshkelitsa – Hautavaara and Hyrsylä – Koirinoja.

9) so that the line of the Karelian Railway to Suojärvi in the near future will be continued by the Suojärvi – Petrozavodsk section.

10) so that as early as this autumn the required number of Popular, Middle and Professional schools will be opened in the liberated volosts of Olonets Karelia, and so that the Orthodox parishes of Olonets Karelia, so far as areas are liberated, be merged with the Finnish Orthodox Church under its administration.

Helsinki, May 20, 1919

Representatives of Syamozerskaya, Munozerskaya, Vedlozerskaya and Svyatozerskaya volosts:
F.N.Nikitin, S.V.Volkov, P.S.Molosovkin, S.I Antonov, V.O.Koshkin, N.Balahonov,
I.A.Gromov, Vasily Zaitsev, I.O.Gippiev, V.I.Semenov, F.N.Muhorov, F.V.Chernyaev,
Probus Rahikainen

The appeal was accompanied by copies of the protocols of the popular assemblies of the Kroshnozersky Parish in the Svyatozersky volost, the Veshkelitsky Parish in the Syamozersky volost, the Ulyalega Village in the Syamozersky volost, the Peski Village in the Syamozersky volost, the Kungozersky society in the Syamozersky volost, the Lahtinsky society in the Syamozersky volost, the Syamozersky Parish, Pannilsky society in the Vedlozersky volost, Nyalmozersky society in the Vedlozersky volost, the Salmenizhsky Parish in the Syamozersky volost, the Shchekkil society in the Vedlozersky volost, the Savinovsky society in the Vedlozersky volost, the Vedlozersky society in the Vedlozersky volost and the Essoila Village in the Syamozersky volost, at which assemblies the members of the Delegation was elected and it was authorized to present wishes, listed in the appeal, to the Government of Finland.