To the people of Olonets and Karelia

Soviet propaganda leaflet Soviet propaganda leaflet

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

To the people of Olonets and Karelia

Comrades, men and women of Karelia!

We, the residents of Olonets and Karelia, have experienced terrifying times of destruction and death ever since the Finnish butchers began their notorious bandit raids on our land. But the most difficult thing was what happened over the last few months, when Finnish adventurers and their agents began the so-called “liberation war”, a criminal war against Soviet Russia, on behalf of the people of Olonets. Hundreds of Finns and Karelians were forcibly mobilized into White Finnish volunteer forces. And if anyone wanted to remain loyal to the Soviet government of our country, then the Finnish butchers, without any other reason, sentenced such people to death. Hundreds of us, civilians of Olonets, were killed because we did not want to go to war against Soviet Russia. Detachments of butchers' leaders Sihvo, Hertzen and others like them burned alive, buried alive and tortured to death, tying to trees, hundreds of residents of Olonets and Karelia. And all this happened in Olonets in the name of the liberation of the people of Karelia. And now, when the completely defeated Finnish butchers retreated from Olonets, they forced hundreds of mobilized Karelians to retreat to Finland along with them. The tyranny under which we have been forced to live has become extremely tight.

But the sun of freedom is already rising for the people of Karelia, albeit slowly. Salvation comes to us through the successes of the Red Army of victorious Soviet Russia.

Every Karelian man whose comrade has suffered, stand up together with the Soviet forces to cleanse our land of the Finnish butchers hordes.

All to the Russian workers' and peasants' Red Army!

Group of residents of Karelia and Olonets