Overview of government activities

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The representative of our Minister of War in the Olonets Karelia, Commandant of Helsinki, Colonel Renvald, issued a proposal to adopt Russian as the command language of own volunteer forces in the Olonets Karelia and use Russians as officers (!). However, the unanimous rejection of ordinary residents of the Olonets Karelia thwarted this plan.

We don’t really know what words should be used to characterize such proposal by the official representative of our Minister of War. When Finland voluntarily sends its sons to the Olonets Karelia to fight for the national uprising of our fellow tribesmen, a representative of one of the ministry of the Finnish government makes an offer to the people of the Olonets Karelia, which is like a slap in the face for their national aspirations! The anger of both the residents of the Olonets Karelia and the Finnish volunteers towards Colonel Renvald is completely understandable. Was it not enough for the Russian oppressors themselves to impose the Russian language on our oppressed fellow tribesmen, so that our representative would no longer have to disgrace our people in the eyes of our relatives?

It should also be mentioned that the entourage of Colonel Renvald in the Olonets Karelia, among others, includes Ladau, in past a well-known official of the police department and the provincial government in Vaasa.

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Suunta, political weekly No. 7
June 28, 1919