March 1940
Top secret
To the VKP(b) central committee – to comrade I.V.Stalin

Special department of the NKVD of the 15th Army on March 19-20 examined the area of Lemetti (Southern), where the 18th Infantry Division and the 34th Tank Brigade were surrounded by the White Finns.

As a result of the survey of all site of Lemetti (Southern) and the routes of the northern and southern convoys, was determined:

At the moment of retreating from the blocked area in the garrison of Lemetti (Southern) was listed 3261 people. In the southern group moved out 1237 people (according to the count when they reached the highpoint 95).

On the route of the southern convoy found 249 corpses. On the route of the northern convoy found 1250 corpses. In addition, about 60 corpses found in different dugouts.

Among the corpses identified are: head of artillery of the 18th Infantry Division Fedorov, Head of the special department of the Division Moskovsky, commander of the 34th Tank Brigade Kondratyev, commissar of the brigade Gaponok, head of the special department of the brigade Doronkin.

During the group's retreating in Lemetti (Southern) were abandoned more than 200 seriously wounded people, which were brutally killed by the enemy. On 20 corpses found knife wounds on the faces, wedges driven into the stomachs, some were suspended. According to the location of the corpses determined that the entire commanders were kept together, many of them committed suicide.

In the garrison of Lemetti (Southern) abandoned the military supplies: 48 tanks, 5 armored vehicles, 219 vehicles, 7 tractors, 12 tankers. The Finns withdrew 30 combat vehicles and several trucks, dismantled and removed all weapons of the remained combat vehicles, engines and wheels of trucks.

As was determined by questioning of witnesses, the retreating from the blocked area was made one day earlier than it should be. Retreating was poorly organized. All the seriously wounded were abandoned. The commander of the 18th Infantry Division Kondrashev didn't accompany the northern convoy.

People's Commissar for Internal Affairs of the USSR