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Abstracts from the article
in "Olonetskie Gubernskie Vedomosti" newspaper
(August 2nd, 1908)

The new saw mills in Solomennoye village is one of the outstanding and absolutely new of the kind in the Olonets Gubernia. The mills are built on the stony rock of the Western shore of the Logmozero Lake near the straight.

.  .  .

The mills are powered by one cylinder steam engine making 60 HP at 72 rpm. There are 3 sow lines, 2 trimming circular sows and automated grinding machine at the mills.

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Steam boilers are situated in the special building and are built in the furnace made of the fire-brick. The furnace is fired by the sawdust, that is led from under the saws by chutes with mechanical scrapers direct to the furnace, where is burnt giving only 20% of ashes. Such sawdust utilization is the first in our sawmills, which are usually surrounded with the mountains of sawdust and other wood scrap. Electricity is produced by the special 14 HP steam engine. The light floods not only the mills territory and surroundings, but also a big part of the Onego Lake, making the entrance to the straight secure even at nights.

.  .  .

The mills employs up to 150 workers, many of them are Finns, being more fit to such a work. The mills belongs to "A.P.Belyaev & Co" Trading House. Among the House companions are British citizens Alfred Abramovitch Belyaev and Edmund Edmundovitch Jellibrand. They own very big timber production in Vologda Gubernia. The company is rich and the work goes quite serious and solid.

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