Its Imperial Majesty the Manifesto issued April 4, 1809 to all inhabitants of Finland

We, Alexander I, tsar and sovereign of all Russia, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, grand duke of Finland, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, herewith declare:

After having assembled the estates of Finland at a general diet and accepted their oath of allegiance, we desired on this occasion to confirm and ensure by a solemn act, prepared in their presence and proclaimed in our Lord's sanctuary, the preservation of their christian religion and fundamental laws, together with the liberties and rights enjoyed by each estate separately and by all inhabitants of Finland conjointly.

Simultaneously with the communication of this act to our loyal subjects in Finland, we desire to let them know that, since we adhere and conform to the ancient customs of this land, we consider the oath of allegiance given freely and without compulsion by all estates in general, and in particular by the representatives of the peasant estate, for themselves and on behalf of their brethren left at home, effective and binding upon every inhabitant of Finland without exception.

Quite convinced that a good and honest these People always will be concerning Us and Our Successors to keep the same fidelity and unfailing dedication which It always had, We will not fail by means with the God's help provide him in further the proof Of our constant Fatherlike care of his happiness and prosperity.

Given in Borgå on the 4th of April 1809.

Signed originally by His Emperor Majesty in hand: