1944. Forward to the completely destroying of German-Finnish aggressors!

Order of the Day

Addressed to Marshal of the Soviet Union Govonov

Troops of the Leningrad Front, developing their breach of the Mannerheim Line, have overcome enemy resistance on the outer and inner lines of the Vyborg fortified area, and on June 20 captured by storm the town and fortress of Vyborg.

In the fighting to breach the Mannerheim Line and capture the town and fortress of Vyborg, distinction was won by troops under Col.-Gen. Gusev, Lieut.-Gen. Cherepanov, Lieut.- Gen. Anisimov, Lieut.-Gen. Alferov, Lieut.- Gen. Tikhonov, Maj.-Gen. Fadeyev, Maj.-Gen. Busarov, Maj.-Gen. Lyashchenko, Col. Yelshinov and Col. Radygin; artillerymen under Lieut.- Gen. of Artillery Odintsov, Lieut.-Gen. of Artillery Mikhalkin, Maj.-Gen. of Artillery Pyadussov and Maj.-Gen. of Artillery Zhdanov; tankmen under Lieut.-Gen. of Tank Troops Baranov, Col. Shpiller, Col. Protsenko, Lieut.-Col. Kovalevsky and Lieut.-Col. Sokolov; airmen under Air Lieut.-Gen. Rybalchenko, Air Lieut.-Gen. Samohkin, Air Maj.-Gen. Andreyev, Air Maj.-Gen. Shcherbakov, Col. Skok, Col. Khatminsky and Col. Greskov, and sappers under Maj.-Gen. of Engineering Troops Bychevsky.

To commemorate the victory achieved, the formations and units which especially distinguished themselves in the fighting shall be recommended for conferment of the name Vyborg and for decoration with orders.

Today, June 21, at 00.30 hours (Moscow time), the capital of our Motherland, Moscow, on behalf of the Motherland, will salute with 20 artillery salvoes from 224 guns the valiant troops of the Leningrad Front which broke through the Mannerheim Line and captured the town and fortress of Vyborg.

For excellent combat operations I thank the troops under your command which participated in the breaching of the Mannerheim Line and in the fighting for the town and fortress of Vyborg.

Eternal glory to the heroes who fell in the fighting for the freedom and independence of our Motherland!

Death to the German-Finnish invaders!

Supreme Commander-in-Chief Marshal of the Soviet Union J. Stalin
June 21, 1944