Armistice Agreement
between the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and
the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,
on the one hand, and Finland on the other

Whereas the Finnish Government has accepted the preliminary condition of the Soviet Government regarding a break with Germany and the removal of German troops from Finland, and whereas the conclusion of a future treaty of peace will be facilitated by the inclusion in an Armistice Agreement of certain conditions of this peace treaty, the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, acting on behalf of all the United Nations at war with Finland, on the one hand, and the Government of Finland, on the other hand, have decided to conclude the present agreement for an armistice, the execution of which will be controlled by the Soviet High Command similarly acting on behalf of the United Nations at war with Finland, hereinafter named the Allied (Soviet) High Command.

On the basis of the foregoing the representative of the Allied (Soviet) High Command, Colonel-General A.A.Zhdanov, and the representatives of the Government of Finland, Mr. Carl Enckell, Minister of Foreign Affairs, General Rudolf Walden, Minister of Defence, General Erik Heinrichs, Chief of General Staff, and Lieutenant-General Oscar Enckell, duly authorised thereto, have signed the following conditions:

1. In connexion with the cessation of military activities on the part of Finland on the 4th September, 1944, and on the part of the Soviet Union on the 5th September, 1944, Finland undertakes to withdraw her troops behind the line of the Soviet-Finnish frontier of 1940 in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Annex attached to the present Agreement. (See Annex to Article 1).

2. Finland undertakes to disarm the German land, naval and air armed forces which have remained in Finland since the 15th September, 1944, and to hand over their personnel to the Allied (Soviet) High Command as prisoners of war, in which task the Soviet Government will assist the Finnish army.

The Finnish Government also accepts the obligation to intern German and Hungarian nationals in Finnish territory. (See Annex to Article 2).

3. Finland undertakes to make available at the request of the Allied (Soviet) High Command the aerodromes on the southern and south-western coast of Finland with all equipment to serve as bases for Soviet aircraft during the period necessary for air operations against German forces in Estonia and against the German navy in the northern part of the Baltic Sea. (See Annex to Article 3).

4. Finland undertakes to place her army on a peace footing within two and a half months from the day of signing of the present Agreement. (See Annex to Article 4).

5. Finland, having broken off all relations with Germany, also undertakes to break off all relations with Germany's satellite States. (See Annex to Article 5).

6. The effect of the Peace Treaty between the Soviet Union and Finland, concluded in Moscow on the 12th of March, 1940, is restored subject to the changes which follow from the present Agreement.

7. Finland returns to the Soviet Union the oblast of Petsamo (Pechenga), voluntarily ceded to Finland by the Soviet State in accordance with the Peace Treaties of the 14th October, 1920, and the 12th March, 1940, within the boundary indicated in the Annex and on the map attached to the present Agreement. (See Annex to Article 7 and map to scale 1:500,000).

8. The Soviet Union renounces its rights to the lease of the Peninsula of Hango, accorded to it by the Soviet-Finnish Peace Treaty of 12th March, 1940, and Finland for her part undertakes to make available for the Soviet Union on lease territory and waters for the establishment of a Soviet naval base in the area of Porkkala-Udd.

The boundaries of the land and water area of the base at Porkkala-Udd are defined in the Annex to the present article and indicated on the map. (See Annex to Article 8 and map to scale 1:100,000).

9. The effect of the Agreement concerning the Aaland Islands, concluded between the Soviet Union and Finland on the 11th October, 1940, is completely restored.

10. Finland undertakes immediately to transfer to the Allied (Soviet) High Command to be returned to their homeland all Soviet and Allied prisoners of war now in her power and also Soviet and Allied nationals who have been interned in or deported by force to Finland.

From the moment of the signing of the present Agreement and up to the time of repatriation Finland undertakes to provide at her cost for all Soviet and Allied prisoners of war and also nations who have been deported by force or interned adequate food, clothing and medical service in accordance with hygienic requirements, and also with means of transport for their return to their homeland.

At the same time Finnish prisoners of war and interned persons now located on the territory of Allied states will be transferred to Finland.

11. Losses caused by Finland to the Soviet Union by military operations and the occupation of Soviet territory will be indemnified by Finland to the Soviet Union to the amount of three hundred million dollars payable over six years in commodities (timber products, paper, cellulose, seagoing and river craft, sundry machinery).

Provision will also be made for the indemnification in the future by Finland of the losses caused during the war to the property of the other Allied States and their nationals in Finland, the amount of the compensation to be fixed separately. (See Annex to Article 11).

12. Finland undertakes to restore all legal rights and interests of the United Nations and their nationals located on Finnish territory as they existed before the war and to return their property in complete good order.

13. Finland undertakes to collaborate with the Allied powers in the apprehension of persons accused of war crimes and in their trial.

14. Finland undertakes within the periods fixed by the Allied (Soviet) High Command to return to the Soviet Union in complete good order all valuables and materials removed from Soviet territory to Finland during the war belonging to State, public and coöperative organisations, factories, institutions or individual citizens, such as: equipment for factories and works, locomotives, railway carriages, ships, tractors, motor vehicles, historical monuments, valuables from museums and all other property.

15. Finland undertakes to transfer as booty to the disposition of the Allied (Soviet) High Command all war material of Germany and her satellites located on Finnish territory, including naval and other ships belonging to these countries in Finnish waters.

16. Finland undertakes not to permit the export or expropriation of any form of property, (including valuables and currency) belonging to Germany or Hungary or to their nationals or to persons resident in their territories or in the territories occupied by them without the permission of the Allied (Soviet) High Command.

17. Finnish merchant ships other than those already under Allied control shall be placed under the control of the Allied (Soviet) High Command for their use in the general interests of the Allies.

18. Finland undertakes to transfer to the Allied (Soviet) High Command all ships in Finnish ports belonging to the United Nations, no matter at whose disposal these vessels may be, for the use of the Allied (Soviet) High Command for the duration of the war against Germany in the general interests of the Allies, these vessels subsequently to be returned to their owners.

19. Finland will make available such materials and products as may be required by the United Nations for purposes connected with the war.

20. Finland undertakes immediately to release all persons, irrespective of citizenship or nationality, held in prison on account of their activities in favour of the United Nations or because of their sympathies with the cause of the United Nations, or in view of their racial origin, and will also remove all discriminatory legislation and disabilities arising therefrom.

21. Finland undertakes immediately to dissolve all pro-Hitler organisations (of a Fascist type) situated on Finnish territory, whether political, military or para-military, as well as other organisations conducting propaganda hostile to the United Nations, in particular to the Soviet Union, and will not in future permit the existence of organisations of that nature.

22. An allied Control Commission will be established which until the conclusion of peace with Finland will undertake the regulation and control of the execution of the present Agreement under the general direction and instructions of the Allied (Soviet) High Command, acting on behalf of the Allied powers. (See Annex to Article 22

23. The present Agreement comes into force as from the moment of signature. Done in Moscow the nineteenth day of September, 1944, in one copy which will be entrusted to the safekeeping of the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, in the Russian, English and Finnish languages, the Russian and English texts being authentic.

Certified copies of the present Agreement, with Annexes and maps, will be transmitted by the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics to each of the other Governments on whose behalf the present Agreement is signed.

For the Governments of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the United Kingdom A.Zhdanov
For the Government of Finland C.Enckell, R.Walden, E.Heinrichs, O.Enckell