Letter to President Paasikivi

February 22nd, 1948

Mister President!

As you should know, two of the three countries bordering the USSR and having fought against the USSR on the German side, namely Hungary and Romania, had already signed with the USSR the pacts on mutual assistance against possible German aggression.

It is well known that both our countries cruelly suffered from such an aggression and you and me will bear common responsibility before our nations if we will allow the repetition of such an aggression. I think that Finland is interested in the concluding the pact on mutual assistance against possible German aggression no less than Hungary and Romania. Taking into consideration the above said and willing to establish the conditions for the fundamental improvement of the mutual relation between our countries with the aim of the strengthening the peace and security, the Soviet government proposes to conclude the Soviet-Finnish pact on friendship, coöperation and mutual assistance, similar to Hungary-Soviet and Romanian-Soviet pacts. If the Finnish side has no objection, I would like to invite the Finnish delegation to the USSR for concluding such a pact. If you consider that conducting the talks and concluding of the pact will be more suitable in Finland, the Soviet government is ready to send its delegation to Helsinki.

With deep respect,
The Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR I.Stalin

"Izvestiya", February 29th, 1948