Letter to Germany's Führer Adolf Hitler

In connection with the conversations held with you, I wish to express my satisfaction that Germany will fulfill the desire of the Finnish Government with respect to armed aid and that, taking into account the Russian attack in Karelia, it will immediately give aid to the armed forces of Finland by sending German troops and war materiel. More- over, I have noted the promise given by you in the name of your government that the German Reich in the future, too, will give to Finland all the aid within its power, in order jointly with the Finnish military forces to repel the Russian offensive against Finland.

In this connection I assure you that Finland has resolved to wage war side by side with Germany against the Soviet Union until the threat to which Finland is exposed from the Soviet Union has been removed.

Taking into account the comradely help which Germany is giving Finland in its present difficult situation, I declare as President of the Republic of Finland that I will not make peace with the Soviet Union otherwise than by agreement with the German Reich and will not allow any government of Finland appointed by me or any person at all to initiate conversations concerning an armistice or a peace or negotiations serving these ends otherwise than by agreement with the Government of the German Reich.

Risto Ryti
June 26, 1944