Veps Tumuli

Veps are one of the oldest Ugro-Finnish nation, representing the Western, Baltic branch (other nations of this branch are Estonians, Livs, Vod's, Izhoraes and Finns).

For more than a thousand years Veps tribes inhabited the territory between Ladoga Lake and Onego Lake.

Up to now one can see ancient Veps tumuli raising up to three meters and around 12 meters in diameter along Oyat' River. They were raised around X-XIII century AD. Tumuli building stopped with Cristianisation of Veps. First serious researcher of Veps tumuli was Finnish historian Daniel Europeus.

During Oyat' tumuli excavations there were found lot of different jewelry of local and foreign production.

Ancient Veps women decorations in Sheltosero ethnographic museumAncient Veps women decorations in
Sheltosero ethnographic museum
Glass beads Necklace from cornelian and glass beads
Brooch Decorations from XI century tumulus Ringing pendant (XII cent.)