To the population of White Sea Karelia

To the population of White Sea Karelia

Greetings to you, foreign relatives. Greetings to you, White Sea brothers. Free children of free Finland freely greet to you here. Greetings, a thousand times greetings.

We bring you the message of freedom. We advise you to look to the dawn of the morning of freedom. Wake up, get up, work is huge and it is waiting for a worthy worker. This day invites the whole people of Karelia to great and wonderful creative work – the creation of their liberation.

Whoever you are, a bearded man or a ruddy youth, a comely maiden or a caring granny, a man or a woman, young or old, a heart is beating in your chest. Listen to its innermost voice, feel the hidden melody. And what is this sound? Oh, you know it, it is freedom, great and sacred freedom. You know it, but you dare not admit it. The power of the aliens and the mighty has blocked this sound inside you. The oppressor's ear has not tolerated it, and even you yourself stopped believing in it. But that melody still plays. Listen to it, listen carefully, join it. Try with all your might to throw off slave yoke from your shoulders, at this time you are stronger than your enemy. Take the reins of your own life into your own hands, become a nation in the ranks of other nations.

Farmers of the White Sea Karelia and all the enlightened population of the White Sea Karelia! A crowd of aliens flooded into your peaceful lands, and now you are now moaning like victims of arbitrariness and violence. You have always carried a slave yoke on your own land, and now hordes of hooligans threaten to destroy even the little that you have of your own, valuable and holy. However, this must not happen. Now is a dawn of a day when the people of Karelia will be freed from the bandit rabbles. Now comes a morning when the whole Finnish tribe wakes up and all people of Kalevala break their chains.

You probably heard the messages, telling how the people in Finland are rising, how the enlightened youth of the country and the whole class of farmers have risen, as one man, against the huge hordes of robbers. Of course, you have also heard that the disorganized blinded by Bolshevism robbers, sent from Russia, as well as country's internal evildoers, have been defeated and that peaceful life and proper order have already been returned to most of Finland. Will you, out of your own interests, tolerate the rule of aliens, based on brute force, or will you rise up against them? Rise up, rise up too, for this rising is the beginning of the awakening of the whole tribal people, it is the laying of the foundation stone for the building which we will erect together in our places of residence.

Men of White Sea Karelia, rise up to resist the violence, unite to groups, organize and strike in order, take into your own hands what belongs to you as your own. We will help you in this noble battle. We consider you relatives, brothers, piece of the same people. So let us strike together a common enemy, let us, as brethren, stretch out our brotherly hands to each other. Because the border line, which cuts the canvas of Karelia in half, does not split the people of Karelia in two parts, because there are still stronger holders that bind us over the border. This is not a border given us by God, but drawn by aliens. But what is given by God, not man's setting? The beautiful language of the Kalevala and our origins are the same, the spirit of our entire tribe and the great heart roots of our family, they are common to us, they are given by God. This bind us together, even across the borders, bind us into one nation, make us stronger.

So let us hear the voice of freedom together. Together we will banish the enemies out from our homes. This is our duty as true as we are descendants of free ancestors and worthy ancestors of future generations. Men of the White Sea Karelia, are you failing to fulfill this duty? We know your answer, because any honest man would rise up against injustice. For the honor of your homes, for all that is dear and sacred to you, you will rise by mighty power and win, because this is the will of God.

Lieutenant Colonel Malm
Kuopio 1918. New Printing House of Kuopio ltd.