Order No 1
of the Military Revolutionary Committee of Karelian-Murmansk Region

December 21, 1921

The bandit's enterprise, which organized from donations by white Finland, cause untold suffering to the Karelian working people. Therefore the Karelian-Murmansk Military Revolutionary Committee for the first and the last time order:

All citizens of the Karelian Working Commune, who by fraud involved in criminal activities, immediately lay down arms, leave a bandit's detachments, return home and get back to peaceful labour to restore the destroyed economy.

Those who do not follow this order will be considered enemies of the Karelian working people and make them responsible for the suffering of Karelia and of the destruction of its economy.

Kronstadt rebels and White Finns butchers, hirelings of White Finns capitalists, robbers, destroy as highwaymen.

Military Revolutionary Committee of Karelian-Murmansk Region

Chairman Gylling
Secretary Yutchiev