Memorial to patrolmen

On Sunday, May 26, 1991, a memorial to patrolmen was unveiled in Rautjärvi by the efforts of Guild of Vehniäinen long-range reconnaissance patrol Veterans. The event began by church service and continued by the laying of a wreath on a memorial plaque contain the names of the fallen heroes. The unveiling of the monument took place in the courtyard of the Parish House. In his greeting words, Kaino Rastas said, among other, following:

– More than 50 years ago, the Rautjärvi Commune and the people of Rautjärvi welcomed Vehniäinen long-range reconnaissance patrol of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief's Headquarters to this building and to these place.

– I especially welcomed the relatives of patrolmen, whose resting place is unknown, in particular, Doctor of Technical Sciences Ants Lahi, born in Estonia.

– The stone to be revealed has a slab with the name of the 36 people who gave the most expensive sacrifice to the homeland. On this stone there is a plaque with the names of 36 people who gave the most expensive sacrifice to Fatherland. This plate also features the names of 14 Estonian patrolmen brothers. They did not return from the raid.

– Regular long-range reconnaissance raids began in 1941. Those times are far away, but its will never be forgotten – this is a part of the history of independent Finland.

In his unveiling speech Social Councilor Major Ukko Könni, in particular, said:

– Today we stand near stone, which used as an anti-tank barrier in the forefront of Salpa-line during a half a century and has been brought here from there. A place has been found for this stone in the shade of patrolmen’s trees, protected from the weather. The artist Juhani Vepsäläinen has designed a memorial and Antti Heiskanen created in bronze the words "For the Freedom and Honor of Finland", together chosen by patrolmen, as well as the patrol’s symbol and, most importantly, the names of brothers and sisters in arms from Vehniäinen long-range reconnaissance patrol who did not return. This memorial is especially a tribute to the fallen heroes who found their last refuge in the wilderness of Karelia. But this memorial will also be a place of quiet thanksgiving and prayer for the relatives of the heroes, who made their dearest sacrifice, and for all of us.

Mauri Ahtosalo and Kaino Rastas on behalf of Guild of Veterans gave a monument to Rautjärvi Commune.

Eros Jäske
Rautulaisten Lehti no. 4
August 1991