Telegram to General Mannerheim

July 20th, 1919
Highly secret

On Marushevsky's return I telegraphed Kolchak:

First: Mannerheim offers to mobilize seven divisions of up to a hundred thousand in a 10-day period and occupy Petrograd with these forces.

Second: In order to avoid looting and slaughtering, Finnish army won't enter Petrograd but will move ahead to the line of Volkhov River. A special unit of White Finns formed of highly reliable people will enter Petrograd to ensure order.

Third: Yudenich with his staff and officer personnel enters Petrograd under the Finnish army's cover and proceeds to formation of the army.

Fourth: As the Russian units get formed, they gradually replace Finns who return back.

Fifth: The Finnish army operates having the Russian corps on the west that is already formed in Estland and the Russian units of Murmansk region on the north-east.

As a compunction for the assistance Mannerheim requires the following:

First: Full recognition of independence of Finland.

Second: Concession of the port in the Pechenega Bay with the necessary bandwidth for the railway construction.

Third: Consideration of an issue on self-determination of some Karelian districts, inhabited by the elements that gravitate to Finland, at the special afterward conference. At that, Finland doesn't pursue any aggressive purposes neither now, nor later.

On the other hand, the resolution of all issues on the payment for Russian state property seized in 1918 is promised; a special Finnish-Russian commission is already working on this, apparently without misunderstandings. The question of Baltic Sea neutralization is removed and its consideration is postponed.

For my part, I supported the adoption of your help.

Chief of all Russian Armed Forces on the Northern Front
General Staff Lieutenant-General
Translated by Ilya Kuznetsov, 2013