Protocol of the session of the Olonets Temporary Government on July 3, 1919

Were present: G.V.Kuttujeff, P.K.Molosofkin, P.I.Pernanin, M.T.Dorofejeff and I.A.Akimoff.

The issue of the news that appeared in a certain Finnish Suunta -newspaper, which claimed that on the initiative of the Head of War Department Colonel Renvald the Karelian troops with Russian command should be formed.

After a comprehensive discussion of this completely untrue news, it was decided:

To inform the War Department of the Olonets Temporary Organizational Council that during the discussing the issue of forming own Karelian forces under the Russian command at an Assembly of representatives of volosts already liberated by the Olonets Volunteer Army on June 5, 1919, Head of War Department Colonel Renvald was neither the initiator nor the supporter of using Russian language as command, but on the contrary sharply emphasized the need for such forces to be commanded in Finnish, pointing out that the command language must be one, namely Finnish.

For its part, the Olonets Temporary Government, which over time has recognized Colonel Renvald as a person who gave oneself up the great cause of the defeating and eradicating of Bolshevism and has devoted to it all his strength and his military experience, have complete confidence in Colonel Renvald.