Agreements between the governments of RSFSR and Finland about the adoption of measures of maintenance of the inviolability of the Soviet–Finnish border

The undersigned, M. Antti Hackzell, Finnish chargé d'affaires, duly accredited by the President of the Finnish Republic, and M. Jakov Stanislavovitch Hanetzky, member of the People's Commissariat for Foreign Affairs, and authorised representative of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic, have concluded the following Agreement:

The Government of the Russian Socialist Federal Soviet Republic and the Government of the Republic of Finland, being desirous of avoiding in future a repetition of the disputes that have arisen on the frontier at the last time, in accordance with paragraph 20 of Article 9 of the Order of the Central Mixed Russian-Finnish Commission, established on the basis of Article 37 of the Peace Treaty concluded in Tartu, have decided to instruct to this Commission: to discuss the necessary of maintenance of the inviolability of the border and conclude an agreement on this issue.

Done and signed in two identical copies in Finnish and Russian, of which each Party shall retain one.

Signed at Moscow on March 21, 1922.