from the Treaty of Mutual Assistance and Friendship between the Soviet Union and Finnish Democratic Republic, signed on 2 December 1939

Soviet propaganda leaflet Soviet propaganda leaflet

The first paragraph of Article 1 of the Treaty contains the following:

“As the sign of friendship and deep trust of the Soviet Union towards the Finnish Democratic Republic, coming to meet the age-old dream of the Finnish nation about reunification of the Karelian peoples with the Finnish nation in the common independent Finnish state the Soviet Union agrees to hand over to the Finnish Democratic Republic the regions of the Soviet Karelia that are mainly populated by Karelians – 70 000 square kilometres in total – to be included into the national territory of the Finnish Democratic Republic and with setting the border line between the USSR and the Finnish Democratic Republic according to the enclosed map.“

At the same time, the Finnish Democratic Republic agrees to some movement of the border line on Karelian Isthmus to the North from Leningrad with handing over to the Soviet Union the territory of less than 4 thousand square kilometres.


Take a look at this Treaty, which is extremely beneficial to the people of Finland and in all respects corresponds to the independence of Finland.

Why do the plutocrats and their minions hide the contents of this important Treaty from our people? Only because they could continue their criminal and hopeless military adventure against the great Soviet Union.