Veps National Volost


Veps National Volost was established on January 20, 1994 from territory ceded by Prionezhsky District (Republic of Karelia, Russian Federation) in borders of former Sheltozersky District (Karelian ASSR) which existed from August 29, 1927 to January 30, 1956). On December 2, 1996 it got a status of separate administrative unit of the Republic of Karelia.

Veps National Volost extended 14 settlements. Volost capital was Sheltozero village. In 2000-2005 Volost had its own official flag.

It was discontinued on January 1, 2006 in the course of the municipal reform – it's territory was included back to the Prionezhsky District (there was established three rural settlements – Veps Shoksha, Veps Sheltozero and Veps Rybreka).